Wow Burger

Find out if we got Wow’ed at WOW Burger!

Richmond – Dublin

This is by far one of the best meals you will get for this price, or any price, in Dublin

After Dinner Service – Episode 3 – Thug Kitchen

Eat like you give a f*ck! What a great motto to live by. Give a f*ck about what you eat and how you make it. Especially if you are, or want to be, a vegan. Thug Kitchen are a series of cook books that aim to improve readers attitudes about what they put into their bodies….

After Dinner Service – Episode 2 – Chef’s Table

It’s hard to know where to start with this one. In one way Netflix’s critically acclaimed documentary series Chef’s Table is just another food series showcasing the words best chefs, but in another it is simply a work of art. What other show delves into the lives, restaurants and food history of these amazing chefs? Whether…

Picado – Dublin

Last weekend myself and my Dad went to a chilies workshop in Picado.

777 – Dublin

Where did all the great Mexican restaurants in Dublin come from! After trying Taco Taco last month we decided to check out another Dublin Mexican joint, 777. Located on George’s Street, this cosy, funky spot hits you as soon as you walk in the door, which you’d almost miss walking past! From the shelves stacked with bottles behind…