Black Pudding Breakfast Salad

I remember once seeing black pudding on a list of super foods. This made me laugh. As much as I love it I don’t think you can classify something made primarily from pork blood and oats as a super. Although it is absolutely delicious! I have tried a number of different ones, from own brand…

Where To Shop In Dublin

I’ve had this one in the bank for a while and keep adding to it, and will keep adding to it! Mexican Food – Picado This is one place I mention a LOT. Mainly because it’s where I go to get tortillas for tacos. But they also have the most amazing nachos, chipotles in adobo,…

Bacon Hash Browns

Hash browns don’t get enough credit. Add bacon. Credit is in the bank!

Best of 2017

There’s only one thing to do at the end of the year, make a best of list!

Strandhill Food Festival

The inaugural Strandhill Food Festival ticked all the boxes and served up a plethora of tasty treats.