Where To Shop In Dublin

I’ve had this one in the bank for a while and keep adding to it, and will keep adding to it!

Mexican Food – Picado

This is one place I mention a LOT. Mainly because it’s where I go to get tortillas for tacos. But they also have the most amazing nachos, chipotles in adobo, an amazing selection of sauces and treats, and the best dried chilli selection in the city.

Picado is run by Lily Ramirez-Foran & Alan Foran. After a couple of years plying their trade at the Honest2Goodness market in Glasnevin they took the leap and Picado opened its doors in 2014 (I think).

Not content with just being a great retail space for Mexican food, Picado also offers so fantastic cooking classes in the evenings. Here guests are shown how to make some beautiful, real Mexican food.

Lily can also be found on her own blog ‘A Mexican Cook‘.

Picado can be found at: 44A Richmond St S, Dublin 2

Asian Food – Asia Market

Asia Market has been an ever present part of Dublin for over 35 years. First opened in 1981 by the Pau Brothers, Howard, Albert and Spencer. The original store opened at 30 Drury Street and remained there until 1995 when the store moved to a bigger premises further up the road at number 18.

Asia Market is one of the largest Asian food suppliers the restaurant, catering and retail trade in Ireland, and stocks Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Philippine, Mediterranean and Western food ingredients including kitchen and household utensils,

They’re range of fresh vegetables and super helpful staff really make a trip to the market worthwhile. Staff or always on hand to point you in the right direction, whether you’re looking for palm sugar or thai basil. They also have a great range of fresh and frozen fish, and if you have enough time you can grab some hot pork buns from the front desk on your way out.

Asia Market can be found at: 18 Drury St, Dublin 2

Grocers – Lotts & Co

I love this place! It’s like a treasure throve of delicious fancy food. You’ll get everything in here.

Crammed into a small space under the railway bridge near Beggars Bush, Lotts & Co has an amazing deli, an incredible range of cheeses and a fantastic butchers. Shelves are stocked with oils, sauces, spices and herbs that you’ll struggle to find in a lot of Dublin places.

The range of sauces are incredible. They must stock about 8 different types of Sriracha, sauces from all over the world and spices you’ll want to eat with a spoon!

These places are all local or near local for me, and I’d definitely recommend checking them out. If you’re not near any of these make sure you check out your local grocers and butchers. It’s important to try and support local business as much as you can, especially when it comes to food.

Where do you shop? What’s your favourite place to get some local produce?

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