Fork ‘N Tasty: Cuba

Before going to Cuba we heard so many bad things about the food. These myths could not have been further from the truth. Almost everything we ate in Cuba was delicious. Fresh lobster, ropa vieja and incredible cocktails. The state run restaurants aren’t great so try avoid these. The best places to eat are the paladars. If you can, look these up and book before you go as the best ones book up ages in advance.

Apologises for the lack of food pics!


Porto Habana

Porto Habana was recommended to us by Elena from Casa Tarajano, where we stayed in Havana. It’s about a 15 minute walk from her place and located on the 11th floor of a dodgy looking apartment block, but when you step out of the lift you enter a really elegant dining space full of antique furniture. Here we ate some traditional Cuban dishes, like Ropa Vieja, which was delicious, and some taro croquettes. All washed down with some gorgeous cocktails and banoffee pie!

Paladar Decameron

This was Elena’s favourite restaurant in Havana. Paladar Decameron is a restaurant what used to be THE place to dine especially when you had something to celebrate. While here we feasted on steak and lobster in a fancy room full of antique clocks.

Paladar San Cristobol

It took an age to find this place! Paladar San Cristobol is one of the top rated paladars in Havana. A couple of nights before we ate there President Obama and his family were there. Once we arrived we were shown where they sat for the night. Later on that evening the Rolling Stones also ate there, so we knew we were keeping good company. This was the last place we ate in in Cuba and was great to finish up with some traditional Cuban dishes. As it was my birthday, they brought me out  complimentary rum at the end of the meal!


El Olivo

In Vinales we ate in El Olivo as we had visited their farm earlier in the day. The food was so tasty and fresh. Starting off with  a goats cheese salad, followed by spinach cannelloni and chicken cordon bleu. A couple of chocolate crepes for dessert for good measure too. For such good food it was relatively cheap and nice to know exactly where our food came from! And pretty fancy given what we had heard about food in Cuba.

These are just a couple of the good places we came across in Cuba. We stayed in a resort for a couple of days while there too. The food was nice but pretty standard ‘all you can eat’. We did have one stand out meal in a Mexican restaurant there.

Overall the food in Cuba was a pretty good standard. Don’t believe the myths about bad food but be prepared to eat rice and beans, and make sure you try some Ropa Vieja!

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