There simply isn’t enough Vietnamese food in Dublin. There, I’ve said it! But maybe with Pang now open there is. It took more than a couple of trips to try everything in Pang, and there’s still more to go, but man was it worth it! This nice little addition on Kevin Street, just off Camden Street, doesn’t seat many but you’ll eat the tasty food so quick you won’t be staying long.

Rice paper rolls are the simplest, tastiest snack you can get. I say hey because anyone who’s ever tried to make them will know of the struggle to get not end up rolling your hand into one!! Pang has these spot on and with a great range.

Whether you’re after prawn and mango, roast duck, sweet potato or salmon there’s plenty to choose from. The duck is a particular standout. The photo gallery on the site is awesome too. I can look through it all day.

The sriracha salted edamame leave your lips tingling but your mouth looking for more.

The Bahn Mi…. Oh my! There are a couple of choice. Lemongrass Chicken or Beef Brisket. Each stuffed with carrot & daikon pickles, hoisin mayo, coriander, mint and jalapeños is absolutely delicious. Soft, crunchy bread roll stuffed with lemongrass chicken or beef brisket….Yum!!!

The last thing on the menu to try is the Pho. I’ll be heading back very soon to tick all the boxes!

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