Klaw Seafood Cafe

Klaw Seafood Cafe has been on the list for a while! Recently we headed along with some food friends to check it out.

After a slight delay and some rescheduling we finally got our acts together and headed along to Klaw Seafood Cafe in Dublin’s Temple Bar. Seafood is something that we don’t eat enough of as an island (something I shared in a recent post) and is something Niall Sabongi and the team at Klaw are trying to change.

Since there was a few of us dining out we decided that we would try and share as much as we could, especially since some of us had never really eaten shellfish before. We had to wait a little while for a table so we nipped up to the Foggy Dew for a quick pint of Guinness, the perfect tipple for seafood.

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Time to try @klawcafe!! Excited

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Once seated we browsed through the menu of oysters, lobster, prawns and loads more delicious fish. Our super helpful and friendly waitress popped over to catch us deliberating over what to order. We needed help! She told us we we were her first table and it was her first night on the job.  “It’s OK its our first time too.” we told her. We informed her that we wanted to try a bit of everything as a group and didn’t mind sharing. Upon her advice we order some oysters and a roasted shellfish platter with lobster. We also got a some fries stouts for good measure.

First up our 12 succulent oysters arrived. 4 Harty ones from Waterford, 4 from Dooncastle in Connemare and the pick of the bunch 4 small Flaggy Shore oysters. Each one had a slightly different taste than the next, and everyone got to try some, which was great. Served on a bed of ice and with some incredible shallot and red wine sauce, these were a great start.

Next up the feast arrived! I don’t know who dropped the “We’re going to need a bigger boat” line but it was apt. A massive platter topped with the most beautiful looking shellfish arrived, followed by bowls of fries with yuzu aloli. “How do we do this?” someone asked. Simple. Dive in!

The platter contained some chunky, meaty lobster, dozens of clams and muscles, swimming in butter, delicious skewered prawns and giant gambas, fresh crab that was so tasty you could eat it all day and some of the nicest fries we’ve tried in ages and ages!

There was almost silence at the table as we devoured our meal. I say almost be cause we were generally interrupting ourselves with bad fish puns! The staff were super helpful with everything and explained all of the food we ate and answered any questions we had. A nice touch at the end of the meal was the offering of a lollipop from the main man himself Niall Sabongi. It is always a nice touch to have that interaction with the man or woman behind what you have just eaten I feel. Plus who doesn’t want a lollipop!

5 of us ate for about €175 including a couple of stouts, soft drinks and an IPA. This will definitely be on the most visited places this year and one that we hope to see go from strength to strength. Check it out as soon as you can!

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