Get To Know: James

I was lucky enough to be featured in Bea’s awesome “Get To Know” series. Check it out here.


Hello everyone and welcome to my Get To Know series where I casually interview other blogs as a means of getting to know them better but also to spread their blog! Today our guest is James from Fork ‘N Tasty!

The Basics

Name: James
Nickname(s): A few I can’t mention but some of my friends call me Bloom. Long story short it involved a weekend in Amsterdam and the Blue Planet TV Show.
Occupation: Customer Success Manager
Nationality: Irish
Country Currently Living In: Ireland. Although I spent 3 years living in Australia until the beginning of last year. 

Let’s Get A Little Personal

Favorite herb to cook with? Oregano. I cover my pizzas or pasta dishes in it! I also love coriander, or cilantro. The freshness of it in dishes is amazing and something I love to add to Mexican or middle-eastern food. This has caused many…

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