777 – Dublin

Where did all the great Mexican restaurants in Dublin come from! After trying Taco Taco last month we decided to check out another Dublin Mexican joint, 777.

Located on George’s Street, this cosy, funky spot hits you as soon as you walk in the door, which you’d almost miss walking past! From the shelves stacked with bottles behind the bar to the raunchy tiled mosaics on the wall and vintage roof, the decor in here is amazing. Welcomed by the friendly staff, we popped ourselves up on two stools and planned our 777 Sunday feast!

Every Sunday all items on the menu are €7.77 so we jumped right in and picked 4.

  • Chorizo Taquitos,
  • Crispy Beer Battered Monkfish Taquitos
  • Pulled Pork Tostados
  • Habanero Sambol Chicken Legs.

Each dish had a different sauce or spicy dip with it that really added to it. The Monkfish definitely stole the show and was absolutely delicious. I could have eaten this dish all day. And the chicken drumsticks with all their extra toppings and garnishes, like the bed of coconut, were finger lickin’ good and so Fork ‘N Tasty!

The 777 Sunday menu is great and well worth checking out. I’ll be back for the 2 Tacos for €6 Tuesday real soon!

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